Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A St. Patrick's Day Jell-O Dessert for You

There's something special about eating foods you loved as a kid.  The last time this lime jello concoction passed my lips was probably about twenty years ago--sometime in my teen years. It was a dessert made by my grandma or mom for St. Patrick's Day, and has been a family favorite since the 50's. Tasting it again last week was like remembering something lovely I had forgotten. The top layer is whipped, chilled evaporated milk, lime jello, lime/lemon juice, and sugar, and its fluffiness just melts on your tongue. It's not a texture you'll taste often, but it's something you'll continue dreaming about once it's gone.

Lime Fluff

1 large package lime jello
1 1/4 C boiling water
1 C sugar
1/3 C lime juice
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 can carnation evaporated milk (I believe it was 12 oz; chilled a day in the fridge)
1 package chocolate wafer cookies or chocolate-covered graham crackers (the Keebler Elves make these)
1/3 C melted butter

Mix jello, water, sugar, lime and lemon juice. Let this slightly congeal in the fridge (or for a layered effect like the above picture, don't let it congeal much at all--just cool slightly in fridge). Crush cookies and mix with butter. Press into a 9x13" pan (reserve about 1/3 cup for topping). Whip the chilled evaporated milk until fluffy; fold jello mixture into the whipped milk and pour slowly into the pan with the cookie crust. Refrigerate at least 2 hours. Sprinkle the rest of the cookies over the top. Cut and serve. Serves 12-24.

Served on my grandma's grocery-store china.