Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Horrible excuses for not posting

I knew weekends would be a big black hole in terms of posting.....

But I wasn't lazy this past weekend--honest! Friday was spent on a day hike with some elementary kids (more about that later--there is just too much stuff to write about now); Saturday was spent getting a haircut, running errands, lalala, etc.; Sunday was spent entirely on grading elementary art projects (I had just been informed at 2pm by a teacher grades were due on Monday! Eeek! I had like 4 weeks of projects to grade) and TR band practice. Today was spent teaching art (a kindergarten boy came up to me and told me I had a "witch nose." But it was okay because his mom had one too. Aw, ain't that sweet?).

Tomorrow we leave early to drive to the Oregon Coast for our yearly (3-day) vacation spent at our favorite B&B. Then, we'll be spending two glorious days in Portland. I already have a big list of things to do there (go to arcade/bar in Chinatown to play vintage pinball; eat froot-loop doughnut at Voo-doo doughnut shop; buy Japanese stationery at Powells and check out haunted rare-book room; eat a lovely chocolate concoction called the Aphrodite at Pix Patisserie; shop at various vintage/used clothing stores; buy clogs? Write postcards at the Nob Hill Pharmacy cafe; get a tarot reading at New Renaissance Bookshop; etc.......).

I promise I will journal via the old-fashioned way and update when I return next week.

By the way, I'm curious what you thought of The Darjeeling Limited.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Orff Orgy

I'm sad that October is over; it's my favorite month. I spent every beautiful autumn day inside playing piano for Disney's! High! School! Musical! But, I actually had fun doing that, so I'm not complaining too much.

I like the first day of a new month. I feel like I can start over with new projects or goals, such as writing every day for this thing called NaBloPoMo or whatever the hell it's called. To kick off the new day, I spent about 30 minutes free-writing on my Hermes 3000 sea-green typewriter. That thing is so fun to play with that I get excited to write instead of scared. I love the way the letters thwack the page--it makes every letter and word seem really important, like it's followed by an exclamation point. The computer paper I'm using is so thin that the letters press through the page and make holes. Maybe this is a new art form (I thought of it first!).

My too-ambitious goals for November are:
*finish two short stories
*start making cool X-mas gifts
*use up the huge amount of cute Japanese stationery in my desk (beware: you might get a letter soon!)
*take voice lessons (I might sign up to direct another musical, so if I'm going to do more vocal coaching I need to know something about it.....haha I fooled the last people.....but I started running out of vocal warm-ups...I'm sick of that "who washed washington's underwear" thing...)
*Learn Debussy's piano Image Homage to Rameau.
Become a student of rhythm (buy myself some drum sticks)
*Learn a few French phrases

Speaking of rhythm, I'm really obsessed with the White Rabbits. They played here a couple weeks ago at this little coffee shop/bar not too long after they played on Letterman. I don't think I've danced harder since 80's night at the Bricktop in Lincoln NE in August (in a bridesmaid dress). OMG (yes, I'm using a Millenial colloquiallism) it was one of the best rock shows I've seen. The band is made up of 6 (good-looking) guys wearing tweed blazers, skinny ties, sweater vests, and boat shoes (It was all very Columbia University, circa 1981). The 7th guy, dressed the same, but with very 80's, round tortoiseshell glasses videotapes the band while they play. There are two drum kits, each drummer playing different yet complimentary rhythms, while the other members play keys, beat on toms or the rims of toms, shake tambourines, play guitar, and bass. There are a lot of vocal harmonies too. They use a lot of David Bowie-dance and calypso- inspired rhythms, using claves and maracas. If it weren't for the gross couple dirty dancing in front of me I would say that was one of the most fun evenings I've had in a while. So, all I've been doing all month is listening to the WR, with some occasional Electrelane and Camera Obscura.

Last night, we saw Modest Mouse (yes, in Spokane! 'lil 'ol Spokane!). I have to say though, that the show was a bit of a disappointment. Once their roadies set up the stage, it took them about a half-hour to actually get their asses on stage and play. Then, they waited a good 15 minutes or so to come out for an encore. And, they also had the two-drum-kit set up, but it seemed as if both guys were playing the same thing. So, not as impressive as the WR. Also, it was hot and sticky and crowded, with people in costume (actually that was the highlight) and people pushing their way to the front and someone passing gas in front of us the whole time. I was wearing my ubiquitous blonde Andy Warhol/Menards guy/Phyllis Diller/Marilyn Monroe wig and tights. So I was suffering pretty badly, on top of standing for four hours on a belly full of spicy/creamy Indian food. Actually, dinner was the best part of last night, in addition to one of the opening bands, ManMan, which was a fun-percussive-Tom Waits meets the Muppets-Orff orgy of sound.

Until tomorrow--