Friday, January 01, 2010

2009: A Summary

January 14: Elliot was born.

April: We moved back to Minnesota (driving in our car with a baby and a dog).

June/July: Went to see a dear friend who was dying of cancer--age 32; then went to her funeral.

August: Moved into our new house.

September: Hear news that my father-in-law has TB, and that we all have to get tested.

November 4: K fired from new job he just got in April.

November 30: I came down with H1N1.

December 1: My 33rd b-day.

December 22: Drive home to NE for Christmas with family. Slippery, scary roads. Still coughing.

December 22-27: Lovely holiday with family.

December 28: Drive back to MN: some slippery patches; cars upside-down in ditches from the
days before, during the blizzard.

December 31: A quiet New Year's Eve at home: knitting, Flight of the Conchords, reading, tarot.
I made K stay up with me until midnight. Then we went to bed.

Here's to 2010---a hopefully very uneventful year.