Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This past weekend, I experienced a very strange psychic phenomenon. On saturday I was supposed to play in a Leone Buyse flute masterclass at school. That afternoon I was planning on practicing and also getting ready for our orchestra concert on monday night, in which Leone would be the featured guest artist. So early saturday afternoon I was puttering around my apartment, getting my things together for the masterclass at later that day when it suddenly hit me that the masterclass was going to be cancelled. Just like that--out of the blue I had a strange feeling. I went to check my email to make sure it was still on. My stomach kind of lurched when I saw a message in my inbox from my flute teacher: URGENT: masterclass cancelled. I was a little weirded out for awhile--and also proud in a weird way that my brain had managed to pick up on the collective energies of the people involved with the masterclass.

This was not the first time something like this has happened, but this time it was a really clear message--and almost physical. I could actually feel it entering my mind, like actual brain waves. I doubted myself of course--I thought it was just wishful thinking because I was dreading playing for this really famous flutist in front of my peers and professors. It was a relief to find out that it had actually been cancelled. Apparently she got really sick the morning she was supposed to fly to Spokane--a combination of vertigo and nausea.

Anyway, on tuesday at my flute lesson I was talking with my teacher about the cancelled masterclass, and how I had a sixth sense that it would be cancelled just hours before it was scheduled. He thought that was interesting, because he was figuring that I was getting this sensation just as he was emailing people about it. He also said that I must be a "receiver." I had never thought about it in this way before, and I was intrigued. He went on to say that he has had occasions where he was a "sender:" particularly one instance in college where his boyfriend brought up the idea of playing a psychic game, where one person would think of an object, and the other would try to pick it up psychically. So the boyfriend was thinking up a word that B just couldn't pick up on and was getting mad in the process of having to play this ridiculous game. The boyfriend decided that B should try and think of a word instead, so B was picturing leaving this guy (and his stupid psychic games) and walking out the door, going down the stairs.....when the boyfriend said, "You're thinking of stairs?" just after B thought it.

So this got me thinking of "senders" and "receivers." Are some people inately senders or receivers? I can think of other instances where a similar thing has happened: dreaming the same dream as my mom one night, thinking of a specific song then it comes on the radio (has happened several times in moments of clarity), and just pretending I'm picking up on people's thoughts and imagining what they're thinking--when maybe I'm literally picking up on their inner thoughts and feelings? I've often wondered that when I dream of someone I haven't thought of consciously, in my waking life, in awhile, if they're also dreaming or thinking of me. In a letter sent by a boyfriend in college when I was a sophomore staying in NE for the summer while he was in MN, he wrote that he felt we were "coupled by an ethereal thread over the sea of corn and soybeans." I think I laughed out loud when I read that line--he always pretended to be so masculine and intellectual that a sensitive and cheesy line like this came as a surprise--but not a shock. The thing was, was that we both had the same birthday, and at times were convinced we were twins separated at birth. Our first psychic happening was when we first met, and we were sitting on a couch, and he asked me when my birthday was. I said, December 1st, and he got the strangest, most spooked-out look on his face. He then showed me a copy of a birth certificate he kept in his wallet: birthday: December 1st. He said that right before I told him what my birthday was, he was thinking, "she's going to say Dec. 1st." So maybe I'm also a "sender." Maybe everyone is both. I've had similar happenings with K, my family, and other people that I'm close to. But it really made me think about starting to take my sixth sense seriously. I tend to not trust my intuition, but when things like this happen, I wonder.

Maybe we could test it out? You could send me a psychic message, and I'll let you know if I received it.